Compare Prices: Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is one of the most expensive habits in the United States. A carton of cigarettes can range in price from $20 to $90 depending on the brand and how many come in a carton. Electronic cigarettes can range in price for starter kits from $75 to $100 depending on where they are purchased.  Electronic cigarettes are not taxed like regular cigarettes are, so they can save you even more money than tobacco based cigarettes.

Tobacco cigarettes are much more expensive due to taxes and the tobacco companies increasing their prices by leaps and bounds. Tobacco cigarettes can cause harmful side effects including deadly lung cancer. Tobacco cigarettes can also make the people around you sick. Another factor that is increasing with tobacco cigarettes is that smoking them is now banned from most restaurants and many different public locations. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper on the other hand and much safer for you and other people in the environment. Electronic cigarettes emit a mist that is harmless and odorless and does not cause the harsh side effects that other tobacco based products do.

If you are comparing prices: cigarettes vs. electronic cigarettes, you will see that on a yearly or even weekly basis you will come out cheaper with electronic cigarettes. An even cheaper idea is to purchase the e-liquid to make your own vapor for the electronic cigarettes. This is quite easily done with some flavoring, nicotine, and some glycerin. This will save you even more money and make sure that you are spending less than what you were on tobacco priced cigarettes.

Once you decide on using the cheaper priced electronic cigarettes you can then look on where would be the best price to purchase them at the greatest savings. There are many different websites where you can purchase these cigarettes. Many discount sites such as eBay have auction prices on electronic cigarettes allowing you to get more for your money. Other sites may offer ‘try before you buy’ purchases that will allow you to try the product to see if you like it before investing in the kit and supplies.  You can also go to local shops to see if they carry electronic cigarettes. One last option is to order off of television ads. Some companies are now advertising electronic cigarettes at bargain prices on television ads, along with guarantee refunds if you are not satisfied.

In today’s economy everyone wants to save money. A nicotine addiction is not one that is easy to beat and finding a solution that is less expensive and healthier can be a great motivator for a lot of people.  Electronic cigarettes will give you the nicotine you need without the side effects of the chemicals that are put in tobacco based products. On the whole, electronic cigarettes come out much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes helping you to save money for other things. Many individuals in the United States alone are switching from tobacco based cigarettes to electronic cigarettes because of the pricing, the health benefits and the benefits of the environment. Choosing electronic cigarettes is definitely the cheaper of the two.

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