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Social Smoker Kit
Social Smoker Kit
9.0 out of 10
Basic Starter Kit
Basic Starter Kit
9.5 out of 10
Love Birds Kit
Love Birds Kit
10 out of 10
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Green Smoke Brand Reviews
Green Smoke is the most recognizable name in the electronic cigarette industry. They have been selling e cigarettes since late 2008 and haven't looked back since. It seems as though they consistently get stronger and offer better products. There is not another two piece e cigarette out there that will produce more vapor than Green Smoke. They stand behind all their products with a warranty and money back guaranty so you can rest assured you will be satisfied with your purchase or you will receive your money back.
Quick Facts
  • High Price:$270.00
  • Low Price:$109.00
  • Cartridge Price:$2.95
  • Puffs Per Cart:200
  • Shipping Cost:Free
  • Coupon Available:Yes
  • LED Color:Green
  • Battery Color:White
  • Cartridge Color:Tan
  • Flavor Options:6
  • Strength Options:0-24mg
  • Coupon Savings:15%

Green Smoke is one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes with a large following of loyal customers.  It appeals to a lot of people visually because it looks a lot like a real cigarette.  Apart from the color coded cartomizers, you really can’t tell the difference between a Green Smoke and a traditional cigarette.  This company takes their brand seriously and has a well designed package that is complete with a UPC code for retail locations that allow you to Buy Green Smoke.  In each starter kit, Green Smoke provides a membership card and an instruction manual.

Like many other popular brands, Green Smoke e-cigs have the two part design.  This makes assembly much easier which is good news for electronic cig rookies who aren’t sure how things work yet.  Basically, you just go buy cartridges, screw in the battery, and start smoking.  Simple enough, right?

Another great perk is that you don’t have to buy more nicotine fluid or new atomizers.  One of the most frequent complaints among e-cig users is the inconvenience of buying a new atomizer every time the old one wears out.  As the atomizer starts to weaken, the smoker experiences inconsistent drags because the vapor gets weaker.  This is not the case with Green Smoke because each new cartridge comes complete with a brand new atomizer.  That means that every time you take a drag of a Green Smoke e-cig, it feels like a brand new cigarette.

Green Smoke offers two starter kits.  The basic starter kit is $139.99, which is more expensive than some other brands. Fortunately, Green Smoke offers frequent discounts that bring that price down for new customers.  The basic starter kit comes with everything you need to start smoking.  It includes two batteries (a short and a long), five nicotine cartridges, a USB charger with an AC adapter, and an instruction book.  For less frequent smokers, Green Smoke offers the “Social Smoker” starter kit for $109.99.  The only difference is that you only get a short battery included in this kit.

While Green Smoke does give you a choice between the short and long batteries, either one is a good choice that performs well.  You won’t feel that annoying hesitation and even the first drag will be thick and smooth.  Green Smoke is one of the few e-cigs that have a fast acting sensor that works instantly.  This is a huge selling point for smokers who have been annoyed with other e-cigs that take three or four good drags before the battery really starts working.  You won’t have to wait for a good drag with Green Smoke.

Green Smoke’s thick, velvety vapor comes in multiple flavors.  Currently, their selection is not as wide as some of the other e-cig brands, but the flavors they do offer taste nice without being overpowering.  You can get flavors like chocolate, coffee, regular, vanilla, menthol, strawberry, and apple.

At the end of the day, Green Smoke comes out above the competition because of the easy assembly and consistent vapor.  While it might be pricier than some other kits, the positive smoking experience more than makes up for the cost with most of their fans.

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