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Pocket Kit
Pocket Kit
8.5 out of 10
PR110 Kit
PR110 Kit
9.5 out of 10
PR111 Kit
PR111 Kit
10 out of 10
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Premium E Cigarettes Brand Reviews
Premium E Cigarette is known for two things, Offering a GREAT two piece electronic cigarette and for offering LOW prices that most companies cannot compete with. Premium E Cigarette is still able to maintain high quality customer support to further separate themselves from most electronic cigarette brands. They offer one main model of electronic cigarette that is highly customizable to suit nearly every smoker out there. Premium E Cigarette launched customized batteries last year that look better than other custom designs we have seen on the market. You won't go wrong with Premium E Cigarettes!
Quick Facts
  • High Price:$119.95
  • Low Price:$29.95
  • Cartridge Price:$2.50
  • Puffs Per Cart:200
  • Shipping Cost:Free
  • Coupon Available:Yes
  • LED Color:Red
  • Battery Color:Customized
  • Cartridge Color:Tan
  • Flavor Options:20
  • Strength Options:0-16mg
  • Coupon Savings:10%

What I like About the Premium Electronic Cigarette by Omar Goode

I am a longtime fan of the Premium electronic cigarette. Not only does the Premium cigarette produce a dense vapor with a satisfying flavor, I have found the Premium to be a very reliable vaporizer. I have also discovered that I am able to use the Premium e-cigarette without having to worry that it is putting a strain on my pocket book.

The cost of the Premium Starter kit is $109.95, and the cost of the refill cartridges is $12.50

Even though the Premium has been around for a while, the company has not been quite as aggressive about marketing their e-cigs as some other companies have been. This is fine with me. The fact that they have a smaller, but just as loyal client base, means that they are a more consistent company. They are really good about making sure they have enough inventory, I have never had to worry about anything I’ve needed being on back order. They usually ship the exact same day that I place the order, even when I do so later in the evening the order is at my home within a few days.

Now that I have reviewed many electronic cigarettes, I find myself comparing everything to my Premiums. One of the things that I have noticed is that when compared to the other brands, the Premium seems to have a heavier flavor than most. I notice the flavor as soon as I take my first puff, and the taste seems to linger on my tongue long after I have exhaled.

I have to admit that the vapor quality from the Premium Cigarette is not as good as it could be. The vapor is not as dense as some, nor does it provide a wonderful throat hit. However the vapor does taste great and I have never gotten a cartridge that tastes metallic or burnt. The quality is very consistent, from the first puff to the very last, and from one cartridge to the next.

I don’t usually get excited about novelty flavors, I prefer to stick to classic tobacco flavors, but for Premium I am willing to make an exception. Premium actually has novelty flavors men are going to enjoy. The novelty flavors that I am particularly fond of are tequila, rum & cola, and Irish Cream.

The battery is one of the things that makes the Premium electronic cigarette stand out from all of the other electronic cigarettes. It isn’t that the battery itself is all that different from the other electronic cigarettes, it can be charged about 300 times before it starts wearing out, and it lasts about four hours or heavy puffing. What makes the Premium battery so different from everybody else is that the company keeps coming up with new colors and patterns. There is literally a Premium battery that will suit every person’s individual tastes.

When you look at the Premium electronic cigarette compared to other brands of electronic cigarettes and compare the price, it is easy to assume that the Premium is a cheap cigarette. This is not the case at all. The Premium is a good quality cigarette, it is just economically priced. The Premium electronic cigarette works hard, looks great, and is one of the most reliable vaporizers I have ever used. If you give it a chance, I think you’ll find that you like Premium just as much as I do.

6 User Reviews to “Premium E Cigarettes”

  • It took me three purchases before I got to the Premium E Cigarette because of other review sites providing wrong information. Once I found this site I knew I could trust you. I read about Premium E Cigs and it sounded good so I bought the PR111 with customized batteries and I LOVE IT!!!! I will never go back to another e-cig brand again.


    • Glad we could help and thank you for the kind words!

  • I purchased the Premium PR110 kit for my older mother. She had been smoking for over 50 years and I had to bring her cigarettes everyday. I love to see her but couldn’t stand all the smoke while we were couped up in the house. I read about Premium and decided to give it a try because I used the 10% off coupon you have and she loves it. I can now take her grandkids over there without worrying about them getting sick!

  • I bought Premium E Cigarette’s PR111 a year ago and liked it quite a bit. I actually use the Safe Cig Starter Kit now as my primary e-cig, but still carry the PR111 with me to mix in.

    It is a nice change to have a couple different kits to go between and Premium and Safe Cig keep my nicotine cravings satisfied regardless of which one I use. I do prefer the flavor with Safe Cig because they don’t mess around with the “fruity” flavors, but if you do want different flavors, Premium is the better choice for you.

  • I was shipped the wrong flavor cartridges when I first ordered Premium and I wasn’t sure what I was in store for when calling their customer support but it was actually one of the best experiences I have ever had with a CS department. They fully apologized and agreed to send me two extra free packs of cartridges right away. Small mistakes happen to everyone but not everyone handles them the same. For that reason, I would highly recommend Premium E Cigarettes to anyone.

    ~On a side note, I haven’t had a regular cigarette since getting my Premium E Cig and I am loving it~

  • I ordered my Pocket Kit Friday, July 1st, used the USPS Priorty shipping option (was only a few dollars extra) and got my package Tuesday July 5th – WOW!!
    I have been smoking a pack a day for 32 years (I am 45), and I haven’t ahd NOT ONE regular cigarette since getting my Premium E Cig.
    I am breathing much easier, feeling better, and looking forward to trying more of the terrific flavors they offer.
    Thank you Premium, for a wonderful product, great service, and the freedom from cigarettes I never thought I’d have!!

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