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Travel Charger Case
Travel Charger Case
7.5 out of 10
8.5 out of 10
Starter Kit
Starter Kit
9 out of 10
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SmokeTip Brand Reviews
SmokeTip only sells one electronic cigarette kit and they do it well. If you are looking for options, look elsewhere, however, if you want a kit that works for most people and one that you can't order the wrong items on, go with SmokeTip. Their product is offered for under $60 too!
Quick Facts
  • High Price:$59.95
  • Low Price:$59.95
  • Cartridge Price:$2.00
  • Puffs Per Cart:250
  • Shipping Cost:Free
  • Coupon Available:No
  • LED Color:Red
  • Battery Color:White
  • Cartridge Color:Tan
  • Flavor Options:13
  • Strength Options:0-16mg
  • Coupon Savings:N/A

The Surprising SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette by Jacquelyn M. Young

When I was asked to review the SmokeTip electronic cigarette, I was really excited. Even though SmokeTip is a fairly new brand of electronic cigarette, it has already managed to create a loyal band of followers, and I wanted to know why. Another reason for my interest was that I kept hearing that the SmokeTip compared well to my favorite brand of electronic cigarette. Since I am very loyal, I had a feeling that the comparison would make me a much more critical reviewer

I was surprised to learn that there is only one SmokeTip starter kit, and I am used to having several options. The starter kit they do have is very reasonably priced at $59.95. I was impressed with the number of cartridges that came with the SmokeTip starter kit. I am accustomed to getting two or three in a kit. The SmokeTip kit had six cartridges. In addition to the cartridges you also get two batteries, two chargers, an instruction manual, and can choose to have the package gift boxed.

I prepared myself to be disappointed when I finally started to puff on the SmokeTip. When it comes to the density and quality of the vapor, I am very firm. I want a lot of vapor and I want it to taste great. I was stunned. I could not detect even the slightest difference between my regular brand of electronic cigarettes, and the SmokeTip. Not only did the SmokeTip produce the same amount of vapor, but the vapor was also marginally easier to draw from the atomizer. In addition to there being a lot of vapor, the flavor was also really good.

The only complaint I have with the SmokeTip cigarette is the amount of vapor that each atomizer contains.  Each cartridge contains about the same amount of puffs as you would get from 1¼th of a pack of cigarettes.

SmokeTip has a very nice 2 part design that anyone will be able to master. When you need to replace your cartridge you will be able to do within a matter of seconds. The entire process will be simple and efficient. The battery life could last longer. The battery holds its charge long enough for me to get through my shift at work, but then it needs to be recharged.

The SmokeTip has a very authentic appearance. In addition to looking like a real cigarette, I was thrilled when I held it and it felt like a real cigarette as well. I have small hands, and anything larger than a traditional cigarette is difficult for me to hold onto while puffing, and even harder for me to put together when I am in a hurry.

If you are the kind of person who does not like to be bothered with little things, like shutting your electronic cigarette off when you are done smoking, than the SmokeTip is going to be a good choice for you.

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