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White Cloud is no stranger to the e-cig community. This brand is well known and well respected among veteran vapers so it is definitely worth a look if you are interested in buying a new e-cigarette. Over the years, White Cloud has become increasingly affordable. In the past, their high prices intimidated many people and kept them from selling as many e-cigs as they could have. Now, they are making their prices much more reasonable and as a result, more people have been able to try these kits. Now White Cloud is ranked among the top e-cig brands and it’s a constant fan favorite on forums and reviews. If you want to try White Cloud, grab one of our coupon codes to enjoy an instant discount on your purchase!

The brand new SmoothDraw cartridges are a great place to start when you are browsing White Cloud. Using a new design, these cartridges give you more vapor, a better throat hit, and a whole new line of flavor choices. To sample a variety of options, check out the White Cloud 50-cartridge pack where you can mix and match nicotine strengths and flavors to try them all. If you want something different, check out the Lime and Coconut flavor, which would go perfectly with a mixed drink. If you love menthol, check out the ZeroK cartridges, which have a peppermint taste similar to a candy cane.

There has never been a better time to try White Cloud! Our readers can now enjoy exclusive coupon codes to get rock bottom prices on all White Cloud merchandise. Grab your coupon below and start saving on White Cloud electronic cigarettes today.

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