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White Cloud Brand Reviews
White Cloud Cigarettes openly admits they are the most expensive electronic cigarette, however they also admit they offer the highest quality electronic cigarette that can be purchased. This results is the industry low failure rate and batteries and cartridges that last much longer. White Cloud E Cigs are made with a rigid metal casing to protect the components and ensure longevity. The other benefits to their White Cloud Cirrus series designs are the lower temperature operation, higher puff counts on cartridges, and they are guaranteed not to leak.
Quick Facts
  • High Price:$289.95
  • Low Price:$189.95
  • Cartridge Price:$3.99
  • Puffs Per Cart:400
  • Shipping Cost:Free
  • Coupon Available:Yes
  • LED Color:Red
  • Battery Color:White
  • Cartridge Color:White
  • Flavor Options:8
  • Strength Options:0-24mg
  • Coupon Savings:$55.00

Review by Jacquelyn M. Young

I am not really sure how I feel about the appearance of the White Cloud electronic cigarette.  There is just something about the way that the White Cloud electronic cigarette that reminds me of Hollywood starlets. The cigarette has a very high class look and feel that made me feel a little uncomfortable.

My biggest concern with the White Cloud electronic cigarette is the price of the starter kit. I was shocked when I learned that it cost a staggering $189.95. I understand that the reason for the inflated price of the starter kit is to make up for the low price ($19.99) of the cartridges, but I worry that the price of the starter kit is going to put people off, and they will look elsewhere for their nicotine.

The first time I used the White Cloud I was at work and was stunned by the way that it worked. Based on the appearance of the White Cloud, I thought it was going to produce a weak little cloud of vapor that barely contained any flavor. I was wrong. No, the vapor was not quite as dense as the vapor I get from my Green Smokes, but it was still very respectable, and denser than the vapor from other electronic cigarettes that I have reviewed. Not only does the atomizer produce a very respectable cloud of vapor, the flavors were very pleasing. I am not usually a fan of the flavored vapors, but I did like the whiskey flavor well enough to order a five pack of the cartridges.

Another thing that I noticed about the White Cloud electronic cigarette was the battery. I cannot remember a time that I have ever used an electronic cigarette that charged faster than this one. The speed that it charged worried me a bit. I thought that the fact the battery charged so quickly, probably meant that the charge would only last for a short while. Again, I was wrong. Not only did I use my atomizer throughout the entire length of my shift, but several of my customers also tested out the atomizer and not only did the battery never run out of juice, it still had enough of a charge to get me through another shift as well.

I found that the two part design was very easy to use and felt very natural between my fingers. When I needed to replace a cartridge, I was able to do so quickly, without any hassle. One of my bar patrons who has never used an e-cig before in their life, tried out the White Cloud and also found that it was very easy to dismantle and put back together again.

I had my doubts that the White Cloud cig was going to be able to withstand the kind of abuse I put my e-cigarettes through. I was merciless. I dropped the cig, I stepped on it, and I tapped it against the bar. At the end of my shift, the cig looked every bit as good as when I started. This puppy is built to last.

I did notice that women seemed happier with the White Cloud electronic cigarette than my male customers did. At first I assumed that this was because women appreciated the undeniably fashionable look of the White Cloud e-cig, but when I spoke to a few, they said that they really appreciated that to get a good vapor going, they did not have to puff as hard as they do when they are using a different brand of electronic cigarette.

If you can afford the White Cloud starter kit, I strongly urge you to take a chance on the White Cloud e-cig. I think it will make you very happy.

Review by Charles Sheppard

When I was asked to review the White Cloud electronic cigarette, I had never heard of it before. Not knowing about the cigarette tends to be a double edged sword. On one hand, I know that I am being completely unbiased in my review. On the other hand, I am always just a little worried that the anonymity of the electronic cigarette brand indicates an inferior product.

The first thing I noticed when I placed my order for the White Cloud electronic cig starter kit was the price. The cost of the kit was $189.95; a lot more expensive than I would have expected. I appreciated the fact that when I placed my order for my starter kit, I was not only able to choose the level of nicotine that I wanted, but I was also able to request specific flavors, instead of being forced to accept a variety pack. I was very impressed that the starter kit I ordered included two batteries instead of the standard single battery that most starter kits have.

In addition to the two batteries, the kits also had:

  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Pack of cartridges, for a total of five cartridges

I was very pleased when my starter kit arrived shortly after I placed my order. As soon as I had some spare time, I took the kit and spread the contents out on my kitchen table. The first thing I noticed was that everything the company said came in the kit was included in my package. The next thing I considered was the overall quality of the product.

When I placed my order, I knew the entire body of the atomizer was completely white, but I still expected the atomizer to have a very authentic look. I was wrong. I felt that the White Cloud atomizer looked and felt like it was constructed out of plastic. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but considering how much the company charged for the starter kit, I was disappointed. Other than that, the atomizer seemed to be good quality and well made.

The battery that was included in the kit charged very quickly, possibly one of the fastest charging batteries I have ever used. Since I sometimes forget to charge my e-cig batteries before leaving for work, I was pleased with how quickly it charged. I was even happier when the battery also held the charge for a very long time.

When I was finally ready to use the White Cloud e-cig I was very pleased with the results. The first thing I noticed was the vapor, which is about as full as any I have tried. The great thing about the vapor was that it started out full; I did not have to do a great deal of work to generate a very respectable cloud of vapor. The tobacco flavored cartridges were very pleasant, and even though I am not really a big fan of the flavored cartridges, I did discover that they had a rich and very distinctive flavor. Even though I enjoyed the taste of the whiskey flavored cartridge, I have to admit that it was a bit of a tease and really made me want a shot of the real stuff.

As irritated as I was about the high price of the starter kit, I have to admit that the cartridges are very reasonably priced. When you are ordering the cartridges, keep in mind that a single cartridge actually contains two packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine. You will have a total of ten flavors to choose from.

The two part design was very easy to get used to.  I enjoyed how quickly I was able to replace the atomizer and start enjoying the vapor. The entire e-cig is so light, that a couple of times I have actually forgotten I was holding it. The most abuse my e-cig gets is when I tuck it into my shirt pocket so I do not know how tough the White Cloud cigarette is under tons of abuse.

I am pleased to report that I am content with the quality and usability of the White Cloud electronic cigarette, and would not mind making it my permanent brand.

I hope this review helps you in your quest to find the perfect electronic cigarette brand.

Review by David Cartwright

As soon as I visited the White Cloud website, I knew how my review was going to start. The cheapest starter kit they have is pricy. The starter kit is currently priced at $189.00.

In the kit you get the following items:

  • 1 USB charger that can plug into your computer
  • Five cartridges that are attached to the atomizer

The good news is that the White Cloud looks like an expensive cigarette. When it is put together it has a very elegant design and felt great in my hand.  When I started to use the cig I became even more impressed. This is possibly one of the most reliable electronic cigs I have ever reviewed. Not only does the battery hold its charge for a really long time, but it also charges at what seems like near sonic speed. This cigarette is always ready to go whenever I need it.

The price of the cartridges is very low; almost low enough to justify the high price of the starter kit. When you are using the White Cloud e-cig you will be getting the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes in each cartridge. Like most two part electronic cigarettes, you get a brand new atomizer each time you change the cartridge. One of the things you should be aware of is that it does take at least one primer puff to activate the White Cloud atomizer.

I have absolutely no complaints at all about the speed or efficiency of White Cloud’s shipping. Both of my starter kits were in my mail box right away, and contained everything that I ordered. I did not have any cause to use their customer service department so I cannot make any promises about their effectiveness. I have since placed a few orders for cartridges and have found that the shipping is very fast and I have yet to find myself waiting for my order.

I feel that the White Cloud e-cig is a very nice, high quality electronic cigarette. As long as you consistently use the e-cig, you will get your money’s worth out of it.

4 User Reviews to “White Cloud Cigarettes”

  • I have being using the Cirrus 3 for a few days, after 6 weeks of the Cirrus ll, much better draw, more vapor,smaller, lighter, what’s not to love! Plus you get 3 batteries instead of just two, also, the only thing I disliked about the Cirrus ll was that whisling sound while your drawing vapor and that’s gone, I’m ELATED!!!!!

  • AMAZING! I’ve used other brands of electronic cigarettes before, and most of them are messy, unreliable, and generally just a huge let-down. The Cirrus 3, however, is in a class by itself. I admit I was at first skeptical because of the higher price, but the difference in quality is astounding! The Cirrus 3 is far better than any of the many other brands I have tried, in terms of flavor, consistency, and reliability. The feather-light
    weight of the Cirrus 3 impressed me most of all… I can hold it in my lips hands-free and it feels almost just like a tobacco cigarette! The Cirrus 3 “vapes” better, tastes better, and lasts longer than any other E-cig I have tried on the market. You really do get what you pay for. I’ll NEVER use another brand of E-cig, and I’ll never smoke a “real” cigarette again! I have honestly never used a product so far ahead of all of its competitors. White Cloud the best!!

  • My husband bough the Cirrus ii as a smoking alternative and he wasn’t sure if it would work. The first night was great, he only smoke 2 cigarettes and we were out partying and drinking! I am amazed because of how much he usually smokes. The only downside was the price, not because it isn’t worth it, but because it will keep people who deserve this e cig away from having it.

  • I bought the Cirrus a while back, before they had the Cirrus ii and Cirrus 3. It was a great smoking alternative then and is still today. I am happy that my clothes no longer smell and the air is clean around me. I am sure my dogs love that I don’t smoke in the house anymore too. The flavors are great, I just wish there were a couple more tobacco options available.

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